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This homepage presents some articles, mainly my travel reports and essays. The origin of this page is the travel report on driving around the US from April 2000 to June 2000. Since this original report was written in English, the primary language of this homepage is English. (Please allow some grammatical errors.) But some areticles are originally written in Japanese and English translations are not yet available. Sorry for the inconvenience. The title "Azurescript" is a coined word, which comes from my hope to write articles as fresh, clear, and natural as the blue sky. The logo is originally designed for this homepage and may be used only for linking my page from other site. I hope you will enjoy my articles.


  • Drive Around US (April to June, 2000)
  • Ski trip to Kirkwood (February, 2003, Only pictures)
  • Weather history of Santa Barbara (Since April, 2002)
  • Video of ski trip in Lake Tahoe in 2008 (December, 2008, Quick Time Movie 11.5MB)
  • 68' Buggy Project (Since December 2009)
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