--A brief introduction of my Jeep--

Let me introduce my partner. My Jeep Cherokee is a little bit old, a 1993 model. If you are a Japanese, you may think that I am driving a very expensive car. Yes, it is in Japan. But here in US or at least in California, Jeep Cherokee runs as often as Toyota Corrora does in Japan. It has a 4 liter 6 cylinder engine and runs part time 4 wheel drive. The gas mileage is acceptable, about 15 miles per gallon (6 kilometer per liter). It is automatic with cruise control, although I seldom use it.

During this journey, I fold the rear seat to make a large cargo space. When you open the left rear door, you can access to water and food. Two suitcases are put in the back. The right rear door is for rollerblades, shoes, and etc. Maps, a small backpack, a computer in a bag, and snacks are around the navigator's seat. Many emergency stuff like oil, coolant, booster cables, a tow rope, chains are put under the rear seat. It is well organized, isn't it? The starting mileage was 118267 miles (189227 km). It may seem crazy to use this high mileage car for this kind of trip. But, up to now (April 20th), it still runs GREAT! I wish I can complete this journey without any damage of my Jeep.

Two suitcases are in the back

Maps, a backpack, a computer, and snacks are around the navigator's seat

Driving seat

Left rear door to water and food

Right rear door to rollerblades, shoes

April 20th ------ April 24th

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