2nd Break --Something about bed and food--

Let me talk about a bed and food in this journey. I mostly use motels with rates ranging from $35 to $60 per day. There are some nation wide motels, like Motel 6, Super 8 motel, or Comfort Inn. As I need a modem connection, I usually try to find Motel 6 or Super 8 which provide free local calls. Of course, staying in this kind of place is colorless and tasteless but I think it's more important to provide real time reports to my readers. One thing I found out about Motel 6 is that they have two kinds of signs, one looks new and the other looks old. And I don't know why but old one looks eerie to me.

I camped in Grand Canyon National Park, Monument Valley, Everglades National Park, and Shenandoah National Park so far. In these places, lodges are expensive and sometimes booked out. Camping is a powerful way to avoid these problems as well as the best way to touch wonderful nature of parks.

When I camp, I cook plastic-bagged instant rice in mineral water, use the same boiled water to cook an instant noodle, and boil carrots in the rest of it. The main dish is canned food like salmon, sardine, teriyaki chicken, or corned beef. This is a typical dinner in my camp. I hope I can do BBQ with charcoal but I know that BBQ alone is more lonely than anything.

I often use fast food for lunch or dinner, too. My favorites are Subway and Burger King. Subway provides good amount of salad and Burger King provides larger burger than any other burger chains. When I am too hurry to stop driving, I eat Lay's potato chips for lunch. I usually buy a huge bag in supermarket and always keep it in my car. M & M chocolate and bottled water are also always beside me. If you read this, you might think it unhealthy. But don't worry, I often eat tomatoes and grapefruits. My typical breakfast is two or three slices of bread, orange juice, banana and prunes.

Dining in a good restaurant is sometimes good. In New Orleans I enjoyed a wonderful dinner and in Philadelphia I had a good lunchtime.

Eerie sign of Motel 6

Typical dinner in camp

Huge bag of Lay's potato chips

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