June 27th --Completed at Stanford!!--

It's time to complete this journey. Although what happened to me was not happy, I think I have to get back to my way.

It was a perfect sky in the Bay Area and the airplane landed at the San Francisco International Airport in the late morning. I took a shuttle to the long term parking. My Cherokee covered with dust has been long waiting for me. I worried about some trouble but the engine started easily. After paying an expensive fee, I drove into a large flow of the US-101. I drove slowly. No need to hurry. The Stanford University is just an hour drive away.

I got off the US-101 at Embarcadero Road, exactly where I entered on April 11th. Now I have completed tracing the entire US-101! It is one of the greatest achievement in this journey. After a while, I reached the Oval of the Stanford University. Again I had a picture taken in front of the Memorial Church. The sky was clear and the air was dry - a perfect day to finish this journey. I longed for the Thai curry in the Jordan Cafe. They were open just as they had when I had been a visiting scholar. After enjoying a hot curry, I went to my favorite cafe. All I needed was a cup of good Cafe Latte.

My Jeep at SFO

Completed tracing US-101 at Embarcadero Road

The Memorial Church

June 8th

Welcome Signs at State Line (Beware of 35 JPEG files)

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