June 8th --Bad news and interruption at SFO--

Now I knew the meaning of this rain. This morning, or midnight, I was woken up by a bell of my cellar phone. It was 3:30. My wife called me to tell a bad news. First I didn't understand what she was saying. She was also upset. After hanging up the phone, I couldn't sleep. I thought I had to fly back to Japan. I planned to arrive at Thorsten's house this evening and leave my Jeep to Sophia's house tomorrow. So I sent a E-mail to Sophia that I had to fly back to Japan today. I didn't do that to Thorsten because I had no time and supposed to call him later. It was about 4:30 when I checked out the motel in Eureka. SFO was about 300 miles away. I drove in the darkness. It was so dark that I couldn't go faster than 60 MPH. I knew that a reservation desk of ANA opens at 5:00. At around 5:10 I called the reservation and asked for changing my flight. Fortunately, I could get a seat for the flight at 11:50. The question now was whether I could reach SFO in time.

It was getting brighter and getting easier to drive. I hurried my way. At around 8:00, I was captured by a jam in Santa Rosa. I was so nervous but could do nothing but waiting. At last, I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge at 9:00. The traffic in San Francisco was not heavy. I reached SFO at around 10:00. I had some trouble to get my ticket but my flight waited for me to board. My Jeep was left in a long term parking.

I don't want to say that this is the last page of my travel report because it would like an uncompleted symphony. So I would say an interruption and I will surely put the last note on it after coming back to US later.

Crossing Golden Gate Bridge

Reaching SFO

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