June 7th --Coming back to California--

I think it is the second time to oversleep. At first I woke up at around 7:00 but I reset the alarm to 7:30 and fell asleep again. After a while, I noticed that someone was warming up a Harley-Davidson. The noise was not suitable in a dull morning. I didn't know when the noise stopped but next time I woke up was 9:30. I got up at once and took a shower. It was strange that I didn't notice the alarm at 7:30. Anyway I left the cheapest motel at 10:30. It was still RAINING. I hadn't seen sunshine for three days. The US-101 went along the coast line but the view was dull. At around 12:30, I reached Coos Bay, which is about 100 miles north to the state line. On the way I saw a sign of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, but I didn't feel like doing anything but driving. Everything was gray. At Coos Bay, I took a lunch break.

At around 15:30, I passed the state line of California. Yes, I am back in California. But everything was still gray. According to a radar mapping in the weather channel, California had no overcast last night. I was so much disappointed to see the same gray view as Oregon. Again I did nothing but driving all day. It looked like the weather was urging me to go home as soon as possible. At 18:30 I got to Eureka, where I supposed to stay tonight. I stopped along the roadside and wondered if there was a motel after Eureka. I didn't feel like stopping now. But I had to stay here because the next lodging was 100 miles away.

After checking in a motel, I went out for dinner. I really longed for a Chinese food. Fortunately, Eureka was big enough to have several Chinese restaurants. After dinner, I read a strip in my fortune cookie. It says, "Everything will now come your way." It sounds great, doesn't it?

The state line of California

Driving along 101 all day long

A beach of Big Lagoon Park

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