June 6th --Driving along 101 down to Newport, OR--

When I woke up, it was still raining. I expected a beautiful overlook from my room, but all I saw was a ocean in dark grey. I didn't feel like doing anything but driving. I left the motel at around 10:30 and went back to the US-101. Although this highway goes down to Los Angeles, here it was just a narrow two way road. I drove for about 1 hour and arrived at Kalaloch. There was a beautiful lodge of the Olympic National Park. I decided to stop for a lunch break. The view from the window was great in spite of the rain. I enjoyed a long break and went back to the highway.

The 101 went through woods. All I did was driving, eating carrots, listening to Motoharu-Sano, my favorite Japanese artist, and singing to it. It was really boring. I supposed to stay at Astoria which is just after the state line of Oregon. But it was still 16:00. I decided to go more. When I entered Oregon, I noticed a different font of a speed sign. How eerie it is! I also saw this font along the I-84, so this must be the standard in Oregon. Speaking of the I-84 in Oregon, I remember a scary unmarked highway patrol of a Camaro. Today I also saw an unmarked highway patrol of a Ford pick-up. So I think I can conclude that Oregon is very enthusiastic about ticketing for speeding. Fortunately, I didn't get any this time.

There were some overlook points and I took some pictures. It must be much beautiful in fine weather. At around 19:00, I reached a city called Newport. I checked in a motel. It was only $25.75, the lowest record. The room was still OK, although I didn't have ocean overlook.

The Pacific Ocean in rain

Eerie font of speed sign in Oregon

It was raining all day

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