June 6th --The Boeing tour and The Olympic National Park--

To tell the truth, I was long looking forward to visiting Boeing. Every time I take a pacific flight, I wondered how the huge airplane is made. I went to a tour center of Boeing and joined the 10:30 tour. First we watched a film which showed a brief introduction of the Boeing 747 assembly. They summarize 10 months assembly into 7 minutes film. It was very impressive to see the last scene that a brand new 747 takes off. After the film, we boarded on a bus and went to the assembly building. It was pretty big. We are introduced into a elevator through an utility tunnel. When we arrived at the observation deck, we could see several 747s under construction, some are almost done and others are only some parts. As the building was huge, 747s looked relatively small. Yes, in order to make a large stuff, you need a large factory and many people. And the question is how to manage them. Here in Boeing, they look managing the both very well. After that we went outside to see many airplanes under the final test. Of course, they have own runway for both testing and delivery. The tour was about 1 hour.

It's time to drive south. I took the I-5 south until the US-101. Yes, 101! The first highway I took in this journey. Actually the US-101 starts from the exit 104 of the I-5 in Olympia. Although the destination is south, it goes north and west to go around the Olympic National Park. It was raining and I couldn't enjoy a beautiful scenery along 101. It was almost 17:00 when I arrived at a visitor center of national park in Port Angeles. I got a map and drove west again. Soon, a large lake with beautiful blue water appeared. It was the Lake Crescent. After taking some pictures and touching the water, I went back to 101. Today I supposed to camp but I didn't feel like doing so. It was raining and I was tired. So I decided to stay in a motel. I took the state-110 to La Push, the Quileute Indian Reservation, to see the Pacific Ocean. There I found a wooden motel which is run by Quileute Indian. I checked in a room upstairs. This room has a kitchen and balcony. I could overlook the Pacific Ocean from my room. Only thing to do in this journey now is to trace 101 down to Stanford.

A motel in La Push

One building in Boeing

Take 101!

The Lake Crescent

Ocean overlook from my room

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