June 3rd --The Mount Rainier National Park--

The Mount Rainier National Park is just 80 miles away from Yakima. I left the motel at 11:00 and took the US-12 west. It went along the Tieton River. I stopped at a scenic overlook and found a beautiful falls. I also found a ski area although it had already closed its season. Approaching the national park, I found a high mountain in white, which looks like Mt. Fuji in Japan. Yes, this is Mount Rainier, 14,411 feet (4,323 m). I think I can say it is an elder bother of Mt. Fuji. I took some pictures.

After one and half hour drive, I got to the Stevens Canyon Entrance. I got a map and decided to go to a place called Paradise. It's at 5,400 feet (1,647 m). When I went there, they still had snow around the visitor center. I again wanted to ski, but I couldn't find a good place. After watching exhibition in the center, I figured out what to do next. There are many trails to go up the mountain, but I didn't have a proper equipment to climb a snow mountain. I looked for a ski area in the map and found one outside the park. I decided to go there. It's called Crystal Mountain Ski Area and Resort. I drove along the state highway 123, and then, the state highway 410. I arrived at the bottom base at 16:00 but it was already closed its season.

Although I supposed to camp in the park, there was no site in the northern part. So I drove down the mountain along the state highway 410 and headed to Seattle. On the way I found some camping site, but I didn't feel like doing it. I got to the southern part of Seattle via the state highway 164, the state highway 18, and the I-5. It was still 18:30 but I checked in a motel. As I had been busy last two days, I needed some rest.

Falls along the US-12

Mt. Rainier

From Paradise

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