June 2nd --Twin Falls to Yakima--

As I did too many things yesterday, I couldn't finish the report by the check-out time. I left the motel at around noon and went into the I-84 west. Having a fast food lunch, I hurried my way. I was about half day behind. Two hours later I got to Boise, the state capital of Idaho. I just had a short break at a gas station. After one hour drive, I crossed the state line of Oregon. As the state line was in a work zone, I had to park my Jeep at a welcome center and walk to the welcome sign. It took 20 minutes to take a picture of the sign.

As soon as I came back to the driving seat, I went back to the highway. In Oregon, the I-84 went through mountains. Today my Jeep was in a good condition. I didn't worry about my car. I was driving at around the speed limit. About one hour later, I often detected radar. I looked for a highway patrol, but I didn't see any. I took a short break in Pendleton at around 17:10. As soon as I drove back to the highway, I found a highway patrol at last. It was parking on the roadside. When I passed it, I was surprised to see it. It was Camaro! The Camaro which I let go first a while ago. When he passed me, I didn't notice that he was a patrol. What a awful patrol! After that I got more and more careful of speeding.

At around 18:00, Pacific Time, I switched to the I-82 west. Soon I crossed a bridge of the state line. This time I also had a trouble to take a picture of the sign. I drove around the bridge again and again, and finally took a picture. I got to Yakima at 20:25. As I crossed the time line, I got one hour bonus, the last bonus in this journey. I checked in a motel and finished up reports for yesterday and today.

The state line of Oregon

The I-84 went through mountains in Oregon

The state line of Washington

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