May 31th --The Grand Teton NP to Salt Lake City--

It was much warmer this morning but I couldn't get up until 9:00. After having a breakfast, I struck my tent and drove to a visitor center of Colter Bay. I parked and started to write yesterday's report. I finished it at around noon. Then I walked to the lake shore and touched the water. It was a little bit cool. I went back to the visitor center complex and bought some groceries. I also went to a gas station. After fueling my Jeep, I checked oil, coolant, and so on because I have noticed some strange noise which sounded like a clarinet or a cheap trumpet since this morning. As I couldn't see any trouble, I started to drive south.

After driving for a couple of minutes, I got to a overlooking point. I took some pictures and had a lunch break. Then I went to see Jackson Lake Dam. Some people were fishing. I really wanted to do but I didn't have time. I took some pictures of sharp peaks behind the lake. This steep mountains were created by a shift of Teton Fault. So the other side of the mountains are gentle slopes. After enjoying the great view, I went back to a main highway. I also dropped by a Snake River Overlook. The Snake River flows from the Jackson Lake, but it was not clear. I drove south and left the Grand Teton National Park. If I had more time, I could have enjoyed river rafting or fishing.

I got to a town called Jackson. I took the US-26 west to Idaho Falls. Soon, I crossed the state line of Idaho. This highway went along the Snake River. On the way there was another lake and a dam. I drove my Jeep enjoying a beautiful scenery. After passing some mountains, I got to a flat land and found many large farms. Speaking of Idaho, everyone hits upon potatoes. I stopped at a gas station to make sure that these farms were for potetoes. The answer was yes. But they also plant wheat and hay.

At Idaho Falls, I switched to the I-15 south to Salt Lake City. I got really nervous about the noise from the engine, although road noise made it unnoticeable while I was driving. I tried to drive as slow as 70 MPH. I also stopped at a rest area to check engine, but I couldn't see any trouble. At around 20:00, I got off the freeway to have a dinner. The place I got off was just the lake side of the Great Salt Lake. After dinner I took some pictures. Driving for one more hour, I got to a motel in the downtown Salt Lake City.

Steep peaks behind the lake

View from the Snake River Overlook

The state line of Idaho

Large farms along the US-26

The Great Salt Lake in the evening

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