May 28th --The Mount Rushmore, the Devil's Tower and Montana--

As I couldn't get a good view of the Mount Rushmore yesterday, I tried again this morning. The four faces were clearly viewed in the morning sun. There seemed to have an commencement. I saw many young guys in cap and gown. I asked a woman in a visitor center and knew that they were students of Hill City College or University. It's really wonderful to have a commencement at this kind of place. I wanted to see the ceremony but I couldn't take time.

I went down the hill to the I-90. There was nothing but green hills along the I-90. It sounds like a view of ranches in Colorado, but it was different in the sense that there were more up and downs here. I enjoyed beautiful green landscape, thinking that it should be completely different in winter. After 1 hour, I crossed the state line of Wyoming, although nothing changed in landscape. I switched to the US-14 and reached the Devil's Tower via the state-24. The shape of the tower was unique enough to make me curious about its forming process. I read a brochure to know that the tower is solidified magma of volcano about 60 million years ago. And the column was exposed by a long time erosion. So, we can say that it's just like a pimple of the earth. There were 1.3 mile trail around the tower but I didn't go around. I ate a Subway sub and left the tower.

I went back to the I-90 west. It seemed that the highest density of population was on highway, although I could see 1 car every about 10 minutes. Two and half hours later, I crossed the state line of Montana. I could have reached the Yellowstone National Park without entering Montana, but I kept on the I-90. That's because I wanted to see "the large sky" of Montana. Unfortunately, I had dark clouds and occasional showers this evening. At the state line, I stopped to figure out how close to the Yellowstone National Park I could go. I decided to reach Billings, about 100 miles away from the line. I drove for 1 and half more hours and stopped at 19:30. In spite of the memorial holiday weekend, I was lucky enough to get the last room in the motel 6.

The state line of Montana

The Mount Rushmore in the morning

The state line of Wyoming

The Devil's Tower

Green hills along the I-90

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