May 26th --Resurrection--

Today is the day to pick up my Jeep. I left the hotel (not motel) in Denver at 7:15, walked to a Greyhound bus terminal. There are many destinations from Denver, and there were many travelers in the terminal. I got on a bus to Nashville which goes along the I-70 via Kansas City and St. Louis. The bus smelled a little bit sweaty. I tried to find a seat without a neighbor but I couldn't. My neighbor was a middle aged man going to Alabama. The bus was completely full because a bus to Chicago was cancelled. It started 30 minutes later than the schedule.

It took about 2 hours and half to Flagler. Fortunately the driver knew where Flagler was. It was quite easy to get to the M & M Repair. Approaching the shop, I hoped that everything was done. And I was relieved to see my Jeep was outside the garage. Yes it was done. I finished payment and said thank you to Marc. Also I asked him to tell his father, Mike, my best regards. Yes his father towed my Jeep here on April 29th.

It was exciting to start the engine. Here we go! Now my Jeep was resurrected. I slowly drove into the I-70 west to Limon. Although I knew that this engine was new and Marc was professional, I couldn't drive faster than 70 MPH. And small noise or shake recalled the moment of previous trouble. I didn't feel like listening to a music, so I drove without it. I needed more time to get used to my Jeep. And the plan to take the state-71 north seemed a trial of my fortune. I expected nothing along the highway for next 70 miles. But I had to go. This is the way I go. I switched to the narrow road of two way traffic. I carefully drove, keeping 65 MPH. After one hour, I could get to the I-76 without any trouble. I crossed the I-76 and took the US-6 east. Soon I got to Sterling where I found a service station. After fueling, I checked engine oil as well as other points. Everything was OK. I started a music and left the station.

Today I saw a railroad all along my way and it was always busy. I saw many trains running. I took the US-138 east and I still saw a railroad. It seems they have railroads like a grid. I had a train crossing on the US-138. It was really long, about 100 cars. Soon I took the state-113 to Sidney, a town along the I-80. I crossed the state line of Nebraska and the I-80. At Sidney, I took the US-385 north. I still saw a railroad and it got busier. They seemed to be carrying coal. At Alliance, which is on the US-385, I found a large railroad terminal. I dropped by a gas station and asked a woman about the train. She answered that they were carrying coal from Wyoming. And Alliance is a kind of a junction. I didn't know that there is coal mining in Wyoming. My curiosity satisfied, I kept on driving north.

It was a long way but my Jeep ran very well. I crossed the state line of South Dakota. Although we had low overcast, the clouds were broken at around the horizon. And the clouds were shining gold with the sun behind. I stopped my Jeep and waited for the sun coming into the gap between the horizon and the clouds. It was a beautiful gold strip embedded with dark green and gray.

I reached Hot Springs, South Dakota. I checked in a motel. I really thank for having no trouble.

Greyhound bus along the I-70

My Jeep was waiting for me

Nothing along the state-71

Waiting for a train crossing

Sunset embedded with dark green and gray

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