May 25th --Back to Flagler--

It's time to see my Jeep again. I left the motel in North Platte at 9:00, and took the I-80 west. Flagler, where my Jeep has been repaired is along the I-70, so I had to go south. After 1 hour drive I came back to Colorado and switched to the US-385 south via the I-76. The US-385 went through large ranches, all I could see were wheat farm and houses surrounded by wind protecting trees. Actually it was pretty windy and my car sometimes swayed. Driving through large farms for 2 hours, I got to the I-80. Flagler was just 40 miles away. I was a little bit excited.

When I went into the M & M Repair, they were having a lunch. I saw Marc for the first time, although I had made many phone calls to him. He explained that my Jeep will be done this afternoon. I loaded all baggage except for necessity for one night stay in Denver. I left M & M and headed to the Denver International Airport to return the Nissan. On the way I saw a long train of the Union Pacific. I stopped my car and counted the cars. It had 117 cars. Amazing! This is the American way. You will never see a train with more than 100 cars in Japan.

I returned the rental car. This car ran very well. It took me to New Orleans, Key West, New York, Chicago, etc. etc. I really thank to this Nissan and National Rental Car. From the airport, I took a city bus to downtown Denver. It was $6. I supposed to get off at downtown, but I got off at the Greyhound bus terminal instead. Tomorrow I will take this Greyhound highway bus to Flagler. When I asked for a ticket for Flagler, the counter lady didn't know where it was. Of course, it's a small small town and if my car had not broken, I would never ever know this town, either.

I checked in a hotel at 2 blocks away from the terminal. Then I went to the Sakura Square, a Japan town. It's first time to have a Japanese cuisine in this journey. I enjoyed a good dinner.

Ranch along the US-385

My Jeep under repair

The Union Pacific Railroad

"Mori's bar and sushi" around the Sakura Square

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