May 24th --Mitchell to North Platte--

Yesterday was a tough day, so I couldn't get up early. I got up at around 8:30 and started writing a report. Then I left Mitchell at 11:30. The I-90 was very smooth. I got to a rest area on the hill overlooking Missouri river. Although it was cloudy, the view was good. After one and half hours drive, I came to the intersection of the US-83. I headed south to North Platte, the intersection of the I-80. The road was not good but I really enjoyed the great view of South Dakota, ranches and a horizon. For the first 10 minutes, the land was almost flat, but after that the road went through many hills. I found many ponds which don't seem to have inlets and outlets. I guess these ponds live in the cycle of snowfall and drying. It took about 1 hour to reach the state line of Nebraska. North Platte was about 2 hours drive from the line.

There are two rivers meeting at North Platte, the South Platte river and the North Platte river. They become the Platte river and flow into the Missouri river. I saw both rivers but I can't say they were clear. I parked on the bank of the South Platte. It was about 18:00. I wondered if I could go more. I checked a motel location and found no motel is ahead on my way. I decided to stop here, about 250 miles away from my Jeep.

As I saw many cows on my way, I longed for a good steak. I went to a grill called Whiskey Creek. When I entered I felt shells of peanuts on my feet. That's a good sign. This was exactly where I wanted to go. The steak was really juicy. Contented with beer and steak, I found a sign on the partition of my table say, "Thanks Bob." I didn't understand what this meant. So I asked a waitress. She told me a story of a frequent customer named Bob who always sat where I was sitting. That was a good story and made my dinner more enjoyable. Tonight I will sleep well.

The Missouri River and the bridge of the I-90

A ranch in South Dakota

The state line of Nebraska

Great meal at Whiskey Creek

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