May 22nd --Milwaukee and Eau Claire--

As I had a party last night, I had to finish up the report this morning. I also had to wash clothes. It was about 11:00 when I went back to the I-94 west. Although the freeway was westbound, I headed north to Milwaukee. Soon, I crossed the state line of Wisconsin. The sign was pretty good. A light shower in the morning stopped at Milwaukee. I went to a water front but it was still foggy and everything was gray. Milwaukee is famous for beer. They have Miller and other brewing companies. I decided to go to the Pabst Brewing Company, the oldest one in Milwaukee. When I got around the factory, I found that the street was somewhat silent and I didn't smell hops. I drove around the building, looking for an entrance. After a while I asked a sheriff, who was parking around. He said that they had closed down this place. Oh, that's why I felt the same air as I had in Detroit. I thought it an indication that I should not drink beer before a long drive, so I went back to the downtown looking for some restaurant. But it was even hard to find a cheap parking lot. I gave up and went back to the highway.

Eating an Italian fast food, I headed west. After two or three hours drive, I found a place called Eau Claire. It sounds like a beautiful place with water. When I saw the map, there actually was a lake of the same name. It seems my nature to be tempted by water. I got off the freeway and drove around the town. I reached the lake front. It was really beautiful. I took a good break and figured out where to stay tonight. I have known that big city costs higher. Looking up in some motel directory, I picked up one in Menomonie, 60 miles east to St. Paul. Surprisingly, this motel had an TCP internet access for $4.99 per night. After finishing the report, I went to bed. Tomorrow I will see the Mississippi again.

The state line of Wisconsin

Closed brewery of Pabst

Eau Claire

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