May 17th --Resume and run away from New York--

I came back to New York after a brief break. Today I supposed to arrange all the necessary things for this segment. First I needed to make a payment to the car repair shop in Colorado. I made a phone call and asked the price. The mechanic didn't give me the exact price, but just said that he needed $1,000 to get a new engine. That means he had not finished replacing the engine, although he said he had taken the engine apart. I agreed to send him money. I went to Citibank at JFK airport and asked a wire transfer. The clerk said he couldn't do that because my account is opened in California. I couldn't understand it. It never happens in Japan. I was transferred to the higher clerk, but she couldn't solve the problem, either. I was suggested to go to the headquarters in Manhattan. Manhattan! Again, to the hell! But there was no choice. I really needed to make a wire transfer from my account. I drove into a jam of highway and parked in an extraordinary expensive lot in Manhattan. It's $25 per hour. I was already exhausted by the long flight and terrible traffic. But what made me worse was the attitude of the clerk in the headquarters. The answer was same, NO. I couldn't understand why they couldn't do that. They say,"CITI never sleeps," but for me they are all sleeping, transferring me around, not money, just killing my day. The customer service on the phone didn't even help me. I went out the office once to think what to do. After a while, I came back to the office. But they had already closed the counter. I couldn't made a wire transfer today. I got so angry and decided to get out of this fxxking Citi, no city, as soon as possible. But I couldn't even do it because of the jam. Finally, I got to a suburb of New York called Montgomery. It is just along the I-84. I checked in a motel and booked some flight in the future. Tomorrow I have to buster the transfer.

Driving in the jam to Manhattan

May 14th ------ next day

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