May 13th --Philadelphia and New York--

I think I have become a state line mania. Every time I cross the line, I want to take a picture of a welcome sign of the new state. But this nature is troublesome in New England.

This morning I didn't notice the alarm and overslept for the first time in this journey. I got up at 9:44, which was still earlier than the check out time. I took a shower, had a breakfast and left the motel at 11:00. I took the I-95 first but got it off just before the state line of Delaware. I thought that there was so heavy traffic on the I-95 that I couldn't stop at the sign of state line. I took the state-279 and crossed the state line. Of course, I didn't forget to take a picture a welcome sign. This road was very slow but Delaware was small enough to make me forget about it. I got to Wilmington soon. It was also a good town on a waterfront. There are many buildings made of red bricks. I switched to the US-13, which was still slow enough to stop at the state line of Pennsylvania. The road went into an industrial area and I could see many tanks and pipes. I came to the state line but I couldn't see a sign that I wanted to see. I went back and found the sign of Delaware but when I turned back again, I couldn't see any of Pennsylvania. I gave up and went back to the I-95. I could find it along the I-95. I parked my car and took a picture.

Philadelphia is a beautiful city with many spots to see. But I couldn't take time to enjoy sightseeing this city. First I wanted to drop by AAA office to get a map of New York and buy some travelers checks. When I got there, it was closed. Oh, it is Saturday. I went back to my car and drove along the Market Street, one of the main street in the downtown. I drove to a waterfront, then a large gray building with historic architecture appeared in front of me. This is a city hall. The street went around this building. Although the view from the street was beautiful, I didn't like this street because of heavy, crazy traffic. I turned right to the South Street. There are many shops and restaurants along this street. I parked at a waterfront and walked to the street. It was about 14:00 and I wanted to have a lunch. I chose a fine Italian Restaurant. It was a little bit too fine for a lunch, but I really enjoyed it.

Contented with a good lunch and Cafe Latte, I sat behind the wheel. I got back to the I-95 and was captured by a heavy jam. It took more than 30 minutes to get off at the nearest exit. I decided to go across the river and enter New Jersey. Again I chose a narrower path to take a picture of a welcome sign. The road was so complicated that I was almost at a loss. After driving around the same area, I got to a small bridge called Tacony-Palmyra Bridge. It's on the state-73. This time I could easily find the sign, though.

I kept on the state-73 until the New Jersey Turnpike. When I tried to get on the turnpike, I took a wrong way and got lost again. I drove around and around and entered the turnpike at last. Driving at a constant speed, I got relaxed. It took about one hour to get to the southern part of New York. Now I had to choose a proper way to approach the big apple. There are so many many ways going into New York and it was very hard to choose a proper one. I decided to get off the highway just before the state line again. I changed to the state-440 to enter the Staten Island in the New York State. Although I went across a bridge, I couldn't see any sign of welcome. It was a toll bridge so I couldn't go back to try again. I went to north to the Liberty State Park in New Jersey. Again I got lost. Struggling in a small island, I found an entrance for a bridge to Jersey City. It was a long way to the Liberty State Park but I reached it at last. I rollerbladed to the water front and took a picture of a back of the Statue of Liberty.

Now I had to choose a way again. I decided to take the Holland Tunnel, but I got lost again. This time I went around and around and around and around - taking the US-1&9 to the east, kicked out to the US-7, back to the US-1&9 but west, U-turned, kept on the US-1&9, missed the entrance of the Holland Tunnel, went north to the Lincoln Tunnel. At last I entered Manhattan but I didn't know where I was thrown out. I kept on straight for a while, made sure where I was, and took seventh avenue to the south. Then, a car chase started, chased by many yellow cabs. I drove crazily yelling something like "go! go!" At last I found an outlet to get to the Battery Park, the tip of Manhattan. It was about 20:00 and Manhattan was covered with a light fog. The Statue of Liberty was far away in the fog, and the world trade center building was also covered. I decided to get out of this terrible place. I drove around for a while and successfully entered the Brooklyn Tunnel. I drove to the JFK airport and checked in an expensive motel.

I couldn't find a welcome sign of New York State at last. This is the second time, first was Washington D.C. Large cities seem too busy to welcome visitors. And there is another thing to say, "Never think of driving into Manhattan."

The state line of Delaware

At last I found this sign!

The South Street in Philadelphia

The state line of New Jersey

A back of the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty in a fog

The world trade center sticking in a fog

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