May 9th --Good bye Florida, hello Charleston--

It's time to say good bye to Florida. I was writing the report until 11:00 and then I checked out the motel. The I-95 was very smooth and I soon got to the state line. I really enjoyed this state, although I was always nervous about the speed limit. Now I entered Georgia. I think only a few of Japanese know about Georgia, but if they are told that its capital is Atlanta, they will surely say, "Yes, I know." Unfortunately, time didn't allow me to go up to Atlanta nor even stop at Savannah which is right on the I-95. But I noticed the beautiful green with many rivers. I passed through Georgia in only one or two hours. Then I entered South Carolina. I thought about skipping Charleston because my friend in Raleigh, North Carolina, invited me to his University. In order to drop by Raleigh, it's better to keep on the I-95 rather than taking the US-17 to Charleston. But I was so much interested in Charleston, a beautiful historic place and the mother of Charleston dance. I figured out the mileage, and decided to take the US-17 to Charleston.

The US-17 went through woods and I got to a motel close to Charleston at around 17:00. I checked in and finished the yesterday's report. These days I was so tired that I always left this daily report undone until the next day. So I thought I had to finish it up before I go to the downtown.

The beautiful waterfront of Charleston

It was about 20:00 when I parked my car on the waterfront. I put on my rollerblades and went along the beautiful path along the waterfront. I enjoyed the refreshing wind from the bay and the historic buildings in the town. I went around for about 1 hour, taking some pictures. Although it was already dark, I could see the historic feature of this town. On the way back to the motel, I found a Chinese restaurant. I was so pleased and went in, but it was just closed. The waiter did me a favor to prepare food to go. This is the first Chinese since I left Stanford.

The State line of Georgia

The State line of South Carolina

A church in Charleston

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