May 5th --Fort Myers, southern Florida--

This morning I was so tired that I couldn't get up at 7:00. I re-set an alarm 30 minutes later and fell asleep again. I repeated this for a couple of times and finally I got up at 8:30. After a breakfast followed by a shower, I checked out. I sat behind the wheel and returned to the I-10 again. Although Tallahassee is the capital of Florida, I've already got uninterested in state capitals. I also thought about a byway but yesterday's experience kept me on the I-10. The I-10 and the I-75 were very boring, but it took me to the southern Florida in the late afternoon. I decided to stay in Fort Myels, on the west coast of the peninsula, about 140 miles to Miami. I could go to Miami but I knew that staying away from Miami costs less. In addition, Fort Myels is a very good town - a beautiful bay and beach. I checked in a motel and put all baggage in. I got a local map and decided to drive to the Sanibel Island. There is a beautiful parkway to the island. On the way I saw a traffic accident and a speed trap, but this time I didn't care about them. This beautiful ocean let me forget everything. Yes, I am on the Gulf of Mexico! What a good feeling! A white bridge on the blue ocean and sea mews floating in the air. Who on earth happened to find that white makes a perfect contrast to blue? Interestingly, the sand is also bright white. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a ziplock. Tomorrow, I will take some white sand to compare with red sand in Arizona.

A white bridge to the Sanibel Island

A beautiful beach on the Gulf of Mexico

A beautiful ocean in the evening

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