May 3rd --Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, at New Orleans--

Memphis is the other side of West Memphis and the state line is on the Mississippi river. I crossed the river via the I-40 and went into Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis is also a big city and there are many points of interests. However, I could only take time for dropping by a post office to send the fine by a certified mail. Driving around the city, I saw a monorail crossing the river and a beautiful fountain. I took the I-55 again to go down to Jackson, the state capital of Mississippi. When I was going out of Memphis, it started to rain. It was a little bit strong and I didn't notice that I was on the "Exit Only" lane of the highway. I was forced to get out. I tried to get back to the highway, but I lost my way. It was strange but I found myself driving south along the US-61, a scenic byway of the I-55. I decided to stay until the state line. On my right was the Mississippi but all I saw was a huge bog. I went back to the I-55.

It was a severe thunderstorm and all I could see were white mists, a yellow line, and red tail lamps. I kept a slow pace. Fortunately, when I entered Jackson, the rain stopped. I went to the capitol and took some pictures. This was enough in Jackson. I returned to the I-55 and headed south. A thunderstorm started again. The I-55 went through green woods, but it was faded by white mists. On the way, I saw some accidents and every time I saw it, I tried to be more and more careful. I had already got two car breakdowns and one speeding ticket, so I really don't want to have another trouble like a car accident or a crime.

It was a long drive to New Orleans. Fortunately, when I was approaching the city, the rain stopped. The bright sky ahead seemed to celebrate me. I crossed a large lake and drove on a huge bog. I was surprised to see many highway patrol in New Orleans. I went into the city, drove around the French Quarter looking for a motel. I got a room near French Quarter for a reasonable price. It was 19:00 and I still had a lot of time to enjoy this city.

I went to the French Quarter. Walking along the Bourbon Street, I looked for a good restaurant. Bourbon Street was already hot enough. The only bad thing was a smell, sour which reminds me a dirty back street in a dull morning. Anyway, being invited by a good music, I went into a restaurant in a small garden. It said Tricou House. During the dinner, I was so relaxed, remembered all the happenings so far. I appreciated that I could reach New Orleans without losing my health nor life in spite of many troubles. After dinner I went out the street and strolled around. Again I was invited by a good live blues. I went in, got a Miller and enjoyed the music. When show time started, one black guy appeared and sang Temptations. Contented with the live, I went into the house opposite side. It's Maison Bourbon, playing traditional jazz with clarinet, trumpet, banjo, base, and drum. The sound was cheerful, the rhythm was brisk. Yes, this is a jazz. Next I went to the live with keyboard, trumpet, clarinet and rhythm machine. The players were all old but they use the machine very well. And of course, their performance was great, smooth and pop. I requested "Route 66", as a prize to myself for driving all along. I was so much contented and went back along the street. On the way I heard a really cool jazz. I stopped in front of the bar and listened to it. That's sounded me a modern jazz. Yes, jazz, jazz, jazz. I spent a perfect night at New Orleans.

The state line is on the Mississippi river

Entering Mississippi State via the US-61

Getting to Louisiana

The bourbon street was already hot

A jazz live in Maison Bourbon

Guys played me "Route 66"

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