May 1st --Restart from Denver--

It is May 1st and it sounds like a suitable day to restart my journey. Yesterday, I rented a Nissan Altima, almost a new car. I could choose an Oldsmobile or a GM but I didn't feel like choosing an American car this time. I left a motel near the Denver International Airport at 9:00. First thing I had to do was to drop by Colby to pick up my baggage. On the way, I found an overload trailer carrying a mobile house. This is unbelievable in Japan, but it is not surprising to see this kind of stuff in US. It was three hours drive to get there, but as I crossed time line, it was about 13:00. I met Ed and told about my funny mistake and hitchhiking. He was surprised to hear this. He explained me the damage in the transmission. After talking for a while, I started to load all my baggage to my third partner. Just then, I noticed that I lost a blanket somewhere. I looked for in the second partner, but nothing was left there. I remembered that I left it on the bed of the motel in Goodland, where I stayed two days ago. It is about 30 miles backward. I called the motel to make sure and I drove back. I really went along the I-70 back and forth.

After getting back my blanket, I headed east again. It started to rain and I was driving carefully in a wheat farm. It is a huge farm and sometimes I found silos and huge sprinklers. When I reached Salina, about 170 miles west to Kansas City, the sky was almost cleared up. I thought Kansas State was almost flat, but it is wrong. From Salina, the road went up and down hills. The state capital, Topeka is just between Salina and Kansas City. I got off the I-70 and went to the capitol. The I-70 became a toll road from Topeka, although the toll was only $1.75 from Topeka to Kansas City. I reached Kansas City at around 21:00. I drove for 12 hours including breaks and gained 682 miles! Kansas City is just on the border between Kansas and Missouri. I stayed on the Kansas side. Tomorrow I will leave Kansas.

The third partner, Nissan Altima

A trailer carrying a mobile house

I-70 in wheat farm

The State Capitol of Kansas

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