April 24th --Resume my journey at Phoenix--

It's time to resume my journey. Staying in Japan with my family was wonderful. Of course, it is always wonderful to stay with my family. As it is just a matter of my interest, I don't go any further about this.

This time, I flew to US from Narita, Tokyo. I had to get up at 4:00 am to take a flight from Osaka to Narita and wait from 9:00 to 16:00 for the next flight. Then I flew over the Pacific Ocean, took a shuttle to Phoenix. It was still 14:00 on the same day. It's a long day. I sometimes hear people say, "I am so busy and 24 hours a day is not enough. I need 25 hours," and so and so. But I strongly recommend you not to dream of a day of 32 hours.

At Phoenix I took a wrong shuttle bus which didn't take me to my Jeep. After a round trip to the eastern part of the airport, I got off at the same stop where I took it and asked a guy. He told me that walking to the lot is faster than waiting for a next bus. My Cherokee was watching me while I was proceeding to him. By the way, I really love the name of Phoenix Airport, Sky Harbor Airport. I guess that people in Arizona really long for a harbor. They only have palm trees and they don't have a harbor. And I also longed for a water. Phoenix was very hot, 92F or 33C. I loaded all my baggage, opened the hood to check my car, and measured the air pressure of tires. I found the air pressure far exceeds the proper value. The heat. That's why I found a slight loss of grip when I was driving down to Phoenix on 19th. I released air from tires. I started my car and drove north along the Interstate-17. I was running away from heat but it was always there until sunset.

I switched to the State-179. Looking at red rocks on my side, I drove into the Oak Creek Canyon. It was a beautiful scenic way. I supposed to drive to Tuba City, but I decided to stop at Flagstaff, a larger town. I was too tired to drive more. Again, don't dream of a day of 32 hours.

Red rocks

Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon

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