April 20th --Fly back to Maya--

The flight from Phoenix to San Francisco was very early. I had to get up at around 3:30. I got ready at 4:00, drove for a several minutes, and got to the airport. I supposed to check in my baggage before putting my car into a long-term parking. But it was so early that the check-in counter was still closed. I put my jeep in the long-term parking and strolled my baggage to a shuttle bus stop. Luckily, I got to the stop just on time of the bus arrival. I got off at the terminal and checked in. This may be needless to say, but they call this parking lot "west economy parking." It's only $4 per day.

The flight 2450 was great. Boeing 737 went to the south of the Lake Mead, flew over the Mojave Desert, passed the west of Sierra Nevada, and went out to the Pacific Ocean at Santa Cruz. The weather in San Francisco was fine. I checked in the UA809 and flew back to Maya.

UA2450 at dawn in Phoenix

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