April 19th --Williams to Phoenix--

Today is an easy day, again. The distance from Williams to Phoenix is about 200 miles. I got up at 8:30, wrote the report, and left the motel at 11:00. On the way to Phoenix, there are some spots to see. I decided to drop by Tuzigoot National Monument. I took the I-40 to west, changed to the State-89, which goes through the Kaibab National Forest and the Prescott National Forest. It was a pretty good road. Just before the center of Prescott, I switched to the ALT-89. This road went up to Mingus Mountain, and took me to a small town called Jerome. This is a historic town of copper mining. I stopped to have a lunch. I enjoyed walking around the town, watching some shops along the main street. Tuzigoot National Monument was just near Jerome. It is a remnant of a Sinaguan village built between 1125 and 1400. I watched the structure made of stones, walking along the trail. But what attracted me more was a waste pond of copper mining below the monument. The mining mountain has already closed, but there still remains a large orange expanse. I found a sign say "Hazardous Area"

After that, I drove into Cottonwood. Strangely enough, I found cotton drifting in the air. Is that why this town is called Cottonwood? I was driving slowly along the street. There, I found a shop selling strings of Chili Peppers. I couldn't stop buying one of these. This is really cool. Once, I had bought a string of garlic in Gilroy. Some day I want to get both of these and hang them in my kitchen. This Chili string was hung in my Jeep. At Cottonwood, I took the State-260 to get to the Interstate-17.

Driving along the I-17, I found many cactuses. This is Arizona. I also found a cactus in front of the executive tower of the state capitol in Phoenix. I reached a motel just next to the airport at 17:45. Tomorrow, I will leave to Japan for my daughter's birthday. She will be three years old. I hope she will also love this report and my way of life when she grows up.

Highway in the Kaibab National Forest

Tuzigoot National Monument

Waste pond of the copper mining

The state capitol executive tower

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