April 15th --Hoover Dam to Grand Canyon--

It was a terrible start of a day. My head was spinning around like a slot. The bright ray stung my eyes. I gave up to update the report. Why the expensive hotels set a checkout time at 11:00, while cheap motels give 12:00? I made a reservation at the Grand Canyon and hurried up to check out. I brought all my baggage to my car in the self parking lot far from the lobby, loaded them, and started to drive. I was caught by a heavy jam on the Las Vegas Blvd. I got away the jam at the Tropicana Av. and headed to the junction of the US-93. On the way, I got California Rolls at Vons supermarket. Taking a lunch in my car, I drove to the Hoover Dam. The US-93 was pretty fast. About an hour, I got to the Boulder City, a beautiful town. Passing the town I had a jam again. The Hoover not only stops water but also cars. Finally, I got to a visitor center.


I joined a regular tour of the Hoover Dam. This dam is really amazing. I saw many generators running, looked up the dam from the bottom, and felt a vibration of water running underneath my feet. I was also surprised to know that I had a wrong knowledge that Las Vegas is supported by the abundant amount of electricity from the Hoover Dam. Las Vegas only buys 4% of generated power and southern California buys the most. I really enjoyed the artificial structure in a great nature. The state line is just at the half point of the dam, although you will see the plate of Arizona after driving for a few minutes in the jam.

On the US-93 to Kingman, the junction of the Interstate 40, I couldn't control my nature again. This time, I was chasing a mirage, not a red guy. It's like a never ending race. Or you can say a horse with a carrot hung in front of his nose. I was very careful of a shadow of a highway patrol, but I couldn't get rid of the worry for a speed trap. At Kingman, I decided to buy a radar detector. This really helped me while driving along the I-40. At Williams, I switched to the State-64. I reached Tusayan at around 20:00. Next 4 days, I will enjoy the Grand Canyon.

At Hoover Dam

The Plate of Hoover Dam

The Lake Mead

Welcome to Arizona State

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