April 13th --Los Angeles--

Today I was somewhat relaxed. Maybe because the distance to the next point is small. The sky was blue with full of white dots. I played Shakira and left Santa Barbara. The US-101 went along the coastline. The view was perfect and my driving attitude completely changed from midnight. Sometimes I had fog but I really enjoyed tracing the coastline. When the first round of Shakira finished, I got to Ventura. Now I had to say good bye to the Pacific Ocean. Driving for one more round of Shakira, the US-101 took me to Hollywood. I still had half an hour to a lunch, though, I decided to get off the US-101. As expected, Hollywood for the second time was boring. I took some pictures of the Hollywood sign, the Chinese theater, the stars on the sidewalk and had a lunch. At a table of a fast food, I was wandering where to go. As a matter of fact, I had been in LA twice before so I didn't need to see Beverly Hills, the Santa Monica beach, and the Maribu beach. Of course, Disneyland alone would be far boring than Hollywood. Watching a map, I found a pimple in the central LA. I decided to see the Pacific Ocean again.

Minimum requirement at Hollywood

I returned to the US-101, and finished it. It merges to the Interstate-5, which leads to San Diego. Now I have traced almost one third of the US-101. This will be completed on the last day of this journey. This sounds a little bit dramatic. I switched to the Interstate-710 south, then turned west at the Interstate-105. It led me to LAX, although I didn't know it until I found LAX on my left. When I met the Pacific Ocean again, I turned south at Vista Del Mar. The road was worthy of its name. Then, I took the Palos Verdes Drive. This reminded me the 17 Miles Drive in Monterey. At this time, I was a little bit tired from a long drive and really longing for other thing - rollerblading. I took the Interstate-110, the State-47, and hurried up to the Long Beach. Like the Santa Monica beach, there is a beautiful bike path. Rollerblading along the beach freed my body from the stress of driving. I got lots of sunshine and air.

Dinner. Dinner alone is really boring. I took a Mexican fast food. Then I got a cup of Cafe Latte, which always relaxes me, but it didn't work this time. I decided to find a Motel away from the central area. Driving the Interstate-605 and the Interstate-10, I got to El Monte and turned off the key.

The bike path along the Long Beach

About 100 miles to LA

The Pacific Ocean from the US-101

The US-101 end with the Interstate-5

The Palos Verdes Drive

At a view point along the Palos Verdes DR

It's time to leave the Long Beach

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