April 12th --My future is here--

Let's forget about the journey for a while. Here is my future campus, UCSB. I had a meeting with my future professors and colleagues. Everything is great and I am really confident of my future. I dropped by some offices to get ready to join UCSB. I was so surprised to see that everything is so clear and easy. When I want something done, all I need is to find a person in charge and ask. Everyone is so kind to help me to find an appropriate person. All people are professional, so they will surely help me. It is simply because they are doing their job. I wonder why it was not like this in the past. One thing I can say is I have a freedom now. This may be lost little by little but, in that event, I am sure I will get something else for it.

I could only enjoy the downtown at night. But I don't need to hurry. This is the town I will live in the near future.

The pier of Goleta Beach County Park

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