April 11th --Start my journey at Stanford--

Today, I had too much to do. I got up at around 8:00. I finished the report on April 10th, sent a lot of E-mails to my friends. Then I went to the Palo Alto Airport to take a flight instruction. Unfortunately, my flight instructor, Larry was too busy to fly with me. I tried to find another instructor, but both instructors and airplanes were booked out in the morning. Of course, spring has come in the Bay Area, so everyone wants to fly in this excellent day. I booked my schedule at 17:00. Then I went to a lube shop to get an oil change. After that I got a car wash. Now, my Cherokee got ready. I needed some stuff to buy. I bought a tent, a stove, a CD radio cassette player, and so on in a shopping center.

In front of the memorial church

Back to Thorsten's house. I made a dinner appointment with Dr. Gao, who lives in the same apartment complex as I used to live. I packed everything, and went to the airport again. I flew to Half Moon Bay, practiced two touch and goes, and went back to PAO. I found I had forgotten many techniques, but I didn't forget the joy of flying. It was about 19:30 when I met Dr. Gao in his house. We enjoyed a Chinese home made dinner, talked about many things, and found myself very late for leaving.

I left Palo Alto at around 21:30. I took the US-101 from Embarcadero, this is the beginning of my journey. There are few cars along the US-101 after San Jose. I love to drive at night. I tend to drive too fast, but I think this is my nature. When I see red lamps far in front of me, I can't stop catching him. The moment I catch him, I forget him. And back to the lonely way.

It was so late that I couldn't find a vacancy in Santa Barbara easily. Driving around the town, I got a room at last. I went to bed at 3:00

My Cherokee at Stanford

Dr. Gao's family

The entrance of the US-101

The destination of the US-101 is LA!

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