68' Buggy Project 2012

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February 21st, 2012

After I received a new shroud, I mounted the alternator on it.

New Shroud
The alternator mounted on the new shroud.

Then, I tried to install the new shroud to the engine. However, it didn't fit. I needed to adjust the shape of the shroud with a file. I spent about a few hours and finally mounted the alternator on the stand. Since the new shroud does not have mounting holes for the coil, I needed to move the coil to the firewall. I also needed to make a hole for the pipe in which the throttle wire goes through.

The coil was relocated to the firewall.

After finishing all physical installation of the parts, I completed the electrical wiring by following the wiring diagram in the SPEEDY JIM'S HOME PAGE. Then, a trouble occured. The generator warning lamp stayed on when the key was off and the generator did not provide DC but it provided AC. I tried to put back the original voltage regulator in vain. I tried many things, but nothing worked well. I read Rob and Dave's Aircooled Volkswagen Pages, and found out that the alternator was possibly damaged. I gave up today and decided to contact to Airhead Parts.

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