Tadao Hashimoto

    My mail address is... my first name followed by at mark, "the name of my website" dot com

  • Born in Osaka, Japan on Nov. 7, 1968.
  • I have a long experience of Kendo (Japanese martial art using banboo sword). I started Kendo at the age of 6 and I am in a 4 dan rank (a kind of black belt). This rank is a little bit low considering my long experience, but this is just because I have had many many other things to do. (^O^)/
  • I love to feel air in sports like skiing, rollerblading, windsurfin, flying with a small airplane.
  • I like to travel. I have traveled USSR, Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Fiji, Thailand, US, and Canada.

    skiing in Arapahoe Basin, Colorado

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